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What is FXaaS?
Foreign Exchange as a Service (FXaaS) is an API product that allows you to benefit from Remessa Online’s technological infrastructure in order to offer international payments to your clients.
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What is Remessa Online?

Remessa Online is a Brazilian cross border transactions platform that offers online international payments for both individuals and companies that wish to send or receive money in a fast, more affordable and safe manner.

What is FXaaS?

FXaaS (Foreign Exchange as a Service) is an API that allows partners that wish to offer cross border transactions to their clients to connect to the technological infrastructure developed by Remessa Online. Through this integration, our partners get to offer our international payments solution within their own app or platform, without having to worry about the bureaucracy or developing the technology in-house.

What are the different types of solutions you offer?
We seek to meet the needs of our partners and build the solution together, that is why we offer two different models: Batch and Individualized transactions. If you wish to understand both options better, get in touch.
What type of companies can use FXaaS?

Every company whose clients have global needs and that wish to offer cross border payments within their app or website, such as, international investments brokers, wallets and digital banks.

Is Remessa Online safe?

We turn bureaucracy into simplicity, but remain compliant to local and global regulatory standards.

We are authorized to operate by the Brazilian Central Bank (Registered Name: Bee Tech Serviços de Tecnologia LTDA) and, since 2016, we have helped more than 350 thousand individuals and companies to have access to global lives, processing more than BRL 21 billion. 

How to become a partner?

Get in touch through the form so we can schedule a meeting to discuss more about the product.

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